Put an End to Termite Infestations

Professional Termite Treatments

Getting rid of termites is no do-it-yourself project. You need professional service providers if termites have taken up residence at your home or business. A heavy infestation could mean up to 250,000 termites wreaking havoc 24 hours a day.

Arab Termite and Pest Control Inc, an Indiana-based company, uses the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to eliminate and prevent infestations. Don't confuse termites with ants. Let our professionals make the identification. 

Arab Termite and Pest Control provides a FREE inspection and consultation service. If needed, we also provide FREE estimates for termite treatment with no obligation.

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Termite Facts and Services

Subterranean termites typically nest underground and build tunnels into your home. We use chemical treatments to end this cycle.

King and queen termites are swarmers. It's their children that do the actual damage. A queen may live for 30 years and produce dozens, even hundreds, of eggs daily. The primary termite swarming season starts early in the spring, with secondary swarming season in the early fall. The presence of swarmers on your property indicates active termite colonies.

Termites are the silent invaders that wreak damage without your knowledge. By the time you discover termites, costly structural damage has already occurred. The annual cost of termite damage in the U.S. is greater than that of fires, storms, and floods combined.

We advise that every home and building should be pre-treated (at the time of construction) for termite control. This is the most efficient and effective method, and the cost is minimal compared to your investment in the property.

Most building contractors do not provide pre-treatment termite control for new construction unless required by the architect. 

Once your property is treated for termites, we give you a lifetime service guarantee that is transferable to the new owner if you sell your home. 

Termite Control Service Plans

At Arab Termite and Pest Control, we use different methods to eliminate termite colonies:
  • Sentricon System (baiting)
  • Conventional liquid treatments
  • Limited spot treatment for commercial buildings

Termite Prevention

There are many things you can do to prevent or avoid termites from taking over your home:
  • Stack all firewood, lumber, or other wooden items several feet away from your building
  • Keep wood supports of porches, patios, decks, etc., more than one foot from your home's foundation
  • Use only pressure-treated wood for all construction that touches the ground (treated wood has a limited protection period)
  • Move wood-containing mulch (even cedar or redwood) and decorative wood chips at least one foot from your foundation
  • Instead of mulch, use sand or stone - they discourage pests (including termites) from harboring next to your building
  • Repair leaking water lines or fixtures, especially any that impact any wooden part(s) of your house
  • Repair eaves, downspouts, gables, or shingles that allow wooden parts of your house to get wet 
  • Monitor moisture levels and take steps to reduce moisture buildup in crawl spaces
  • Relocate frequently watered gardens or flowerbeds as far away from your home's perimeter as possible
  • Change outdoor lights from white bulbs to yellow or pale amber ones, especially during the spring, to reduce the attraction of night-swarming termites 
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